We're pioneering world leaders in olfactory marketing, with over 10 years' experience and our international dimension and our focus on innovation give us a competitive advantage.

We have offices in Latin America, Italy and Spain , Spain and a presence in many countries and cities across the world, so that we can offer exclusive solutions to our customers needs as well as worldwide solutions thanks to our company's international reach.

When we create our fragrances we consider each brand's values and personality as well as the local culture of the country where the brand is based. Our international experience has shown us that a fragrance doesn't have the same effect or transmit the same message in India as in New York or Moscow. That's why we take into account the international and cultural dimension of each brand when we create our products and adapt them to both national and multinationla brands to ensure their strategies are successful.

One of our company's values is to always put the customer at the centre. That's why all our products and services are designed so that our customers just have to decide decide which fragrance they want to use and then our technicians take care of the whole process, to guarantee it runs smoothly. Our technicians can respond to queries within 24-48 hours. We stand out and we want you to stand out too.


We are a young team with extensive experience in the sector and exhaustive knowledge of the everchanging world of olfactory marketing. For us, every project's unique and so we provide the best team for each customer.

We're difficult to categorise and many of our customers describe us as a perfume company. Others say we're a fragrance company and there are even some who describe us as an aroma business. It's true that we do all these things, but what we really do and we'd like to focus on is olfactory marketing. We make the buying experience one to remember.

We can remotely manage the systems installed anywhere in the world and check that they're working properly from our head offices without having to send a technician to the site.

We manufacture our own scenting systems in Europe, actively supporting our R&D department, which is constantly evolving to ensure that we always offer the latest technologies. We carry out research and are always innovating, our passion for olfactory marketing means we're always busy.

One of the best communication channels: olfactory marketing

We use olfactory marketing to create a way to transmit values that use our sense of smell, one of the most important senses for memory. A simple aroma can take us to long-forgotten memories. We aim to use fragrance as a new communication channel, much more potent that sight or hearing, to evoke emotions and feelings through aroma.

It's not just about creating a scent for your business premises. It's about creating a brand identity and drawing in customers to your business. Olfactory marketing studies the effect of scent on customers and how scent stimulates the nervous system and emotional areas of the brain, providing pleasant or relaxing sensations depending on the fragrance.

It boosts purchases, can help close a sale, make the payment experience more pleasant. A range of actions developed through smell.

Our team will do their best to solve all your problems and answer all your questions as simply as possible and help you to make the best decisions for your business.

We love our work and we know how to help you get the most out of your business with our market knowledge and understanding of the decision making process. Through aromas and fragrances we can have a positive effect on your customers' decision making.

Are you ready to try it?