What's your brand's fragrance?

More and more companies are exploring olfactory sensations to boost their corporate image and increase sales, using à la carte fragrances, unique perfumes that create a brand identity and help them stand out from the competition. Personalised perfumes that stand out and make you unique.

In the same way as when we start our business we look for attractive premises, well-trained staff and a logo to match our brand's image, Aromas Fenpal can help you complete this public image you project to the customer by designing a personalised perfume for your brand.

A corporate aroma will help position your business and make it stand out, meaning customers will associate the fragrance with your brand. The customer may find other, similar premises, with the same in-store music or decoration but they'll never find the same fragrance.

Boost communication with olfactory marketing

Olfactory marketing boosts communication within your brand and with your customers. Scent doesn't just help your customers feel more comfortable when they visit your brand, it also helps improves internal communication in your company, creating a better and more fluid dialogue with your employees. Your customers' buying experience will improve and they'll want to come back.

More and more leading brands and hotel chains are using corporate fragrances to create customer loyalty and make the time spent in their stores and hotels a more pleasant experience. You've probably wondered about what your brand's fragrance would be, or thought about the aromas that spring to mind when you think about your business. We use olfactory marketing to create unique and memorable experiences by linking a fragrance to our customers' brands.

We feel that corporate perfumes encapsulate a brand's personality and the sensory tastes of its customers. Olfactory impressions are much more important than visual impressions: we remember 35% of what we smell, as opposed to only 5% of what we see, 2% of what we hear and 1% of what we touch.

Boost your brand with your own corporate fragrance

Corporate fragrances help to reinforce your brand and make it stand out from the competition Olfactory marketing should evoke emotions and feelings in the different audiences that each of our customers is trying to reach and be compatible with the target audience and the brand concept.

There are many benefits of using a corporate fragrance, it helps with your brand image, attracts and creates loyalty among customers and stimulates performance and improves employee concentration and productivity.


We carry out an in-depth study to help you decide between floral, fruit, plant or woody fragrances or other aromas you might not have considered. A fragrance that changes your mood, that's stimulating, calming, but that above all reduces tiredness and stress.

This helps to boost your brand image and creates a link between the fragrance and the buying experience in the customer's mind. We make sure it's done well and becomes a success.

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