Olfactory marketing is an excellent investment that helps businesses boost their brand values and stand out from their competitors.

At Aromas Fenpal we provide creative solutions that ensure our customers make a return on their investment as well as providing added value by giving them the possibility of using their brand's fragrance to create a wide range of personalised corporate products.

Because we believe that if your customer likes the fragrance in your store, and they've had a good experience in your store and are satisfied with the product they bought, they'll link it to the fragrance and will want to take some home.

Types of personalised corporate products

At Aromas Fenpal we have a wide range of products that can be personalised with the customer's fragrance and image. Here are three that we think are unique and that can be used in different spaces.


The success of corporate products

At Aromas Fenpal we offer a range of proposals for olfactory marketing and fragrances. Here are some of the products available for sale to end customers to ensure our clients see a return on their investment. Mikados, scented candles, home fragrances and professional scenting systems are some of the most popular gifts.

Because you can also use your brand's fragrance and aroma to make a personalised product for the customer to take home. If the emotions they've experienced on their visit to your business have been positive and satisfactory, they'll be keen to repeat the experience in their own home. These personalised products are very popular, much more than typical merchandising, and leading textile and hotel businesses have begun to offer them for sale to their customers.