Your brand's scent adapted for the home

We create personalised fragrances and perfumes which aim to offer brands a unique way to interact with their customers. Scenting their customers' homes with their personalised fragrances allows our clients the chance to stand out and create a sense of elegance and exclusivity.

Fragrance forms part of our surroundings as much as the furniture and the colour on the walls. We take great care to choose the fabrics and furniture in our homes. Now, more and more people are thinking about the fragrances that fill and personalise their spaces. Fragrances that mean something.

Olfactory identity is the most direct form of marketing

We offer our customers pleasant, consistent and non-invasive scents that produce positive emotions. In a competitive world, only a sensory focus makes a brand stand out. Having your own olfactory identity allows you to establish this focus on strong emotional terms while underlining your exclusivity and what makes your brand different.

«Scent has a big effect on the consumer, and on their emotions.»

The secret is in our fragrances, because we strive each day to offer high-quality, popular scents to help create a link between brands and customers. We provide fragrances in formats that your customers can enjoy in their own homes.

Leading brands trust Aromas Fenpal

We create and develop exclusive, personalised products for our customers, to create a unique effect that makes each business stand out.

We have fragrances for all kinds of stores and businesses depending on their brand values and the message the company wants to transmit to make them stand out. Our fragrances are long-lasting, made from the highest quality raw materials and guaranteed to provide an unbeatable result.


Fill your customers' homes with your brand's fragrance.

We aim to improve the relationship between brands and their customers by creating personalised fragrances for use in the home. Our fragrances add a personal touch to both businesses and homes, creating a perfect, unique and unforgettable atmosphere, using fragrance and high-quality ingredients to create emotions and feelings.

Olfactory marketing is the art of harmonising an aroma with a brand, creating a symbiosis between them that's easily recognisable and perfectly expresses the brand's values. The right fragrance creates a sense of wellbeing in the consumer and means they spend more time in your space. What better than an exclusive perfume that defines and connects the brand with the end consumer, a fragrance that's unique, pleasant and creates positive emotions.

We create experiences that seduce your clients, as well as giving them the chance to take your perfume home and create stronger links between your brand and the fragrance.

We'll help you put a little bit of your brand in your customers' homes.