At Aromas Fenpal, we know that each business is different, no two businesses have the same image, or the same customers, and so we understand that each brand needs to create a unique experience and that helps them stand out.

To make our scenting equipment, we rely on our constantly evolving R+D department, meaning we can offer our customers two types of scenting devices, depending on their needs and the type of project. You can choose between two types of scenting systems.


You can choose between two types of scenting systems

Direct diffusion scenting systems

Devices for air conditioning

State-of-the-art systems designed to release fragrances, creating a unique, uniform and constant ambient scent and ensuring a pleasant customer experience. We make each experience unique. We create a nebulising system to suit each customer, making installation and use as easy as possible to make sure your customers get the most out of it. Our systems are as simple and efficient as possible and we adapt to suit your space and the particular needs of your business.

What scenting system should I choose?

Fragrances are exquisite pleasures that invade our senses and bring our memories to life. They linger in our memory, drawing the customer in, increasing the chance of a sale or purcahse. We can help you offer these fragrances to your customers in the format that suits them, we study each case and help you choose the installation system that best suits your needs.

We offer two types of installation depending on the project we are working on.

We have different types of professional scenting systems, all developed by our R+D team, to fragrance both small and large spaces. More and more businesses are investing in corporate fragrances to help the buying experience go beyond simply seeing and hearing. Both small and large businesses want their customers to remember the buying experience and continue enjoying their corporate fragrance even after they leave the store.

Air conditioning

Nebulisers can be used with air conditioning. The most elegant, efficient and best technical solution for consistently releasing fragrance into any space. The ventilation system must always be turned on (cold air, hot air, ventilation) to release fragrance into the atmosphere.

Direct diffusion

This is the best solution if you don't have an HVAC system. It invites the consumer to engage with your brand and helps enhance consumer connection using subtle, pleasant aromas. These systems only need a power point where the device can be plugged in, making them easy to install and use. You can easily and comfortably begin to enjoy a different selling experience for your brand.