Your brand's fragrance in mikado form

Our mission is to surprise and to communicate our customers' message about their brand so that their businesses ensure unique and unrepeatable experiences.

Mikados use rods to absorb the fragrance which then evaporates in the air, they don't need a power source and are very effective, able to scent up to 50 m² and can last between six and nine weeks depending on the perfume used. That's why we work with the best fragrances, to guarantee durability.

Mikados are decorative, suitable for both small and large spaces and are fast becoming our most popular scenting system as they're the ideal product. They don't just provide fragrance, they're attractive, with pleasant and sophisticated designs that add a touch of beauty to any atmosphere.


Olfactory identity is the most direct form of marketing

We recommend pleasant, non-invasive fragrances that evoke emotions in the customer. In a competitive world, focusing on the sensory element is what will help a brand stand out. Having your own olfactory identity allows you to establish this focus on strong emotional terms while underlining your exclusivity and what makes your brand different.

«Scent has a big effect on the consumer, and on their emotions.»

The secret's in our fragrances because we strive every day to offer the best smelling aromas of the highest quality that create a link between brands and their customers. We can create fragrances for customers to take away and enjoy at home.

Leading brands trust Aromas Fenpal

Mikados are perhaps one of the most elegant ways to add fragrance to a space. They're an excellent way to decorate a space and a good way to promote your brand. Mikados are scenting products.

They're a source of pleasant aromas and a reminder of fragrances you like and that you'd like to have in your surroundings. It's an attractive product and easy to install and can be used immediately in any area of the home.


Fill your business with your brand's fragrance

Mikados are an excellent way of putting a little bit of your brand in your customers' homes. They're decorative and every time the customer's at home they remember the positive experience they had in store.

It's important to create a fully personalised corporate fragrance to surprise your customers, a fragrance to suit your business so that when customers come into the store they want to buy it.

We create experiences that seduce your customers, giving them the chance to take your fragrance home and build ever stronger links with the brand through aroma.

We'll help you put a little bit of your brand in your customers' homes.