The importance of olfactory marketing at the professional level

Olfactory marketing is essential for sales points. It goes without saying that if a store smells bad, the customer won't return. But, if the fragrance has a pleasant effect on the consumer, they'll tend to stay longer and have a more positive attitude to the products on sale.

It's natural for people to be sensitive to different aromas. That's why brands are increasingly keen to create personalised aromas for their premises, fragrances that boost the brand and help customers identify with it.

Olfactory identity is the most direct form of marketing

There are many advantages for businesses in creating a pleasant atmosphere that attracts potential customers to the products and services on offer. The setting, décor, staff uniforms, lighting, music and other aspects help to strengthen brand image and sales, but if it's not accompanied by fragrance, it'll all be for nothing. Fragrance combines with these factors to create a full brand experience. Most brands have considered it and more and more brands and businesses understand its importance.

«Until now, we've focused on music and image, but smell is the strongest sense.»

A personal fragrance that makes you unique.

We work to develop a personalised product for each business. Professional scenting systems, that help to boost your brand image by creating a unique fragrance for your business. With a fragrance that is special and unique, different from any other brand.

Olfactory marketing is the art of harmonising an aroma with a brand, creating a symbiosis between them that's easily recognisable and perfectly expresses the brand's values. Scenting systems have a positive effect on consumers because they create an emotional connection and positively influence sales. The right fragrance creates a sense of wellbeing in the consumer and means they spend more time in your space.

Nowadays there are many studies on the benefits of sensory olfactory marketing for businesses, such as boosting sales. It has also been shown that aromas persuade customers to stay longer in sales points and explore further as the feeling of quality is increased and the aroma helps to create a warm, familiar feeling. All this translates into greater attraction to the sales point and an increase in the numbers of customers, which then increases sales.

«A good fragrance increases the chance of a sale by around 38 %.»

Don't forget that fragranced surroundings increase sales. Fragrance helps the customer remember a brand and better communicates the brand's values.. Also, a perfumed space is enticing, it attracts customers and persuades them to stay longer.

Fragrances evoke pleasant memories and reduce stress. Fragrance can create positive associations with an event or experience.

Fragrance can create different moods. It can make guests in a hotel feel more relaxed, improve employee productivity or calm patients in a hospital.

Our work involves helping you find your smell and the fragrance that will make your business stand out, that personalised product, those professional scent systems that will complete your brand's image.

We create experiences that seduce your clients, giving them the chance to take your perfume home and create stronger links between your brand and the fragrance.

We'll help you put a little bit of your brand in your customers' homes.