In Aromas Fenpal we offer you an integral service, which means that we are with you from the moment you tell us your needs until we find the ideal solution.


We offer you expert accompaniment throughout the journey we are about to take together.

  • We establish together what are the needs and objectives.
  • We are looking for a common project approach based on our experience.
  • We propose a design and perfumes for the project/product based on trends, but above all on your needs.

Product design

We think and decide, side by side, every phase, every step we take and every detail.

  • We search for and develop the components.
  • We share samples.
  • We formulate and validate.
  • We perform a test and quality control.
  • We budget.

Product development

We are in charge of materializing everything we have thought, designed and proposed.

  • We manufacture customized components.
  • We adapt the essence to each product.
  • We decorate and present samples.
  • We perform a test and quality control.


When we have everything we need, we take care of preparing the final part of the process, to deliver everything finished.

  • Filling
  • Manipulated
  • Inserting
  • Palletizing
  • Logistics
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