What is scent marketing?

Every day we hear more and more about the importance of odors in businesses and homes. There are companies in charge of developing scents for each and every circumstance. They are now creating new products more frequently. What is the reason for this boom in olfactory marketing? Here is the answer.

Scent marketing is in charge of creating sensations in customers that drive them to purchase products. By means of scent, experts in this field are in charge of attracting attention to a brand, a store or a particular product.

Just as if you walk into a movie theater and it smells like popcorn, you will want to eat popcorn, so can smells make you want to take a product with you. They use all the factors that involve smell to achieve the objective.

For example, smell brings back memories. It has been proven that what is smelled is better remembered. If a product evokes a good moment in your life, you will want to take it home with you. Even if the product is not tangible, such as an experience or the hiring of a service, if the smell brings to mind pleasant thoughts, you will be more inclined to keep it.

Another thing that can be achieved through smell is to change the mood. A bad smell generates rejection, and a good smell generates acceptance and good mood. If your business smells good, customers will be more at ease and have a positive attitude.

It is also possible that your sense of smell transports you to another place. If in the middle of winter you enter a store with coastal decor and the smell of coconut or sea, you’ll end up feeling like you’re at the beach. Those products that would be difficult to sell in a cold season will be sold more easily.

The same happens if a real estate agency uses the smell of coffee, vanilla or chocolate in one of the apartments for sale. You’ll find yourself sipping coffee on the couch, baking cakes in the kitchen or enjoying hot chocolate with the kids.


Spaces where scent marketing works

Scents work in any space, even open spaces. With today’s technology, it is possible to scent a small store, a huge shopping mall or even a terrace. The issue is not whether you can, but what scent to choose, and that’s what olfactory marketing experts are for.

Why scent marketing is booming

That scent marketing works is not speculation, it’s a fact. It is not new that food smells fill restaurants and food businesses. In many supermarkets, bread dispensers that emanate a delicious smell have been reintroduced. In addition to increasing sales of this product, customers get hungry and take more food than they originally intended to buy.

In the shopping malls, the food stores are full. This is not always because customers have a preconceived plan. When they smell the different dishes, their appetite awakens and the craving to eat this or that develops.

Scent marketing has only had to bring this philosophy to all existing fields in the business world. The smell of children’s cologne in a baby store, fresh scents in youth clothing stores, woody fragrances in furniture stores and a long etcetera are some examples of a good commercial strategy.

The successes achieved are the greatest guarantee of olfactory marketing and lead more and more businesses to put themselves in the hands of professional experts in this field. If you have a business and you are still not sure which perfume to use, ask us for advice. Perhaps a scent that serves as an odotype will work well for you, or perhaps it would be more convenient to take advantage of seasonal changes, or even different time periods, to combine several fragrances.

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