We are driven by excellence

Our firm and determined attitude is what allows us to make the impossible a reality.

One essence what lasts

We believe that when an aromatic product or perfume is unique, it has the ability to convey genuine meanings and generate a memorable impact on the consumer. That’s why we want to help you achieve better results with our 100% customized products and aromatic solutions.

One essence what lasts

Aromas Fenpal was born from the hand of two young entrepreneurs in 2008 with a clear idea: to produce the best aromatic products adapted to the essence of each customer. The project began with the aromatization of corporate spaces, producing exclusive scents from the beginning, and controlling the aromatization equipment through the web. Factors that allowed the company to reach a global dimension.

One of the keys to success were the perfumes created that customers began to demand to be sold to their users. Since then, and faithful to the founding spirit, year after year all the necessary resources have been incorporated to offer a global solution capable of providing a comprehensive, agile and top quality response to our clients.

Active search

Because we don’t just want to find the best solution, we want to anticipate and provide exactly what your project needs.


With determination and without stopping until we achieve our goals. This is how we achieve excellence in each of our projects.

Obsession for each detail

Obsession to offer the highest quality standards, personalized attention and an exhaustive analysis to always find the ideal solution.

Making easy what is difficult

You ask for it and we deliver the closed project, with all the advice you may need at your service, with a single interlocutor and with the aim of always being useful to you.

Our team

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