Olfactory marketing for companies

Aromas connect in a very intense way with people’s memory and emotionality. As a result, more and more companies are harnessing this power to improve their sales or business processes.

What does scent marketing bring to a company?

Smell is an increasingly valued sense in marketing, thanks to the strong connection established between aromas and our memories, sensations and emotions.

A process to find the ideal odotype

It is therefore a matter of finding that fragrance that pleases the company’s target audience, that makes them immediately connect with the desire for what the company can offer. Adventure, beauty, well-being, security… Whatever it is, there are olfactory notes that, when combined with each other, create the most suitable fragrance for the company’s objectives. An exquisite and unique fragrance that subtly accompanies customers towards their best choice: to invest in that company to fulfill their desires. For companies that do not receive their customers in-store or in the office, but nevertheless wish to make use of scent marketing, they also have a lot to gain.
A fragrance can help stimulate workers to maintain their energy and well-being throughout the day for superior performance. Having happy and focused employees will promote success in your projects. Even companies that offer products to their customers through ecommerce, scent marketing can be one of the most distinguishable aspects compared to other online stores. When a customer opens the package and immediately feels the pleasant aroma of that company, their excitement is magnified, making it last as long as the aroma is present.

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  • What is an odotype?

    An odotype is a corporate scent designed exclusively for a brand or product. Its purpose is to stimulate the emotions of consumers, so that they identify that fragrance with the product or brand, so that it lasts longer in their memory. Therefore, it can be said that an odotype is equivalent to an olfactory logo or an aromatic signature. In order to choose a good corporate scent, it is necessary to create a fragrance that distinguishes us from the competition while representing the brand identity. Finally, a correct scenting of the space must be carried out, otherwise we could create a negative effect on customers.

  • How to scent a large space?

    The key is to find a scenting system that can deliver the chosen fragrance on a regular basis and at low cost. To do this, it is best to install a diffusion system that can be programmed at times when the company is most active. In this respect, there are various types of air fresheners for large spaces. For example, air freshening via a ventilation system, the use of which ensures high air quality for visitors. Another way of scenting this kind of large spaces is direct diffusion scenting equipment.

  • What is scent marketing for a company?

    Scent Marketing is the use of corporate scents, with the aim of creating emotional bonds with customers. To do this, olfactory notes are created that represent the personality, values and concept of the company or brand. It has been proven that Scent Marketing is a powerful tool both for attracting and retaining customers and for increasing the productivity and creativity of employees. Pleasant smells reach our mind creating pleasant experiences that are able to establish a differentiating value with respect to the competition.

What is scent marketing?

Scent marketing is a marketing strategy that uses scents and fragrances to influence the emotions and behaviours of consumers, with the aim of enhancing the customer experience and strengthening the brand.

The objectives of Scent Marketing

  1. Reinforce brand identity: Use scents that are associated with the brand to create an emotional connection with customers.
  2. Enhance the customer experience: Create pleasant and memorable environments in retail outlets or retail spaces.
  3. Increase customer retention: Encourage brand loyalty by generating positive memories through scents.
  4. Increase sales: Stimulate impulse buying and improve the perception of quality of products or services.
  5. Differentiate from the competition: Use unique scents to stand out in a saturated market
  6. Generate an emotional impact: Connect with consumers’ emotions and enhance the power of the brand.

The advantages of scent marketing are:

  1. Brand differentiation: Allows standing out in a competitive market by creating a distinctive identity through specific scents.
  2. Emotional stimulation: Aromas can influence consumers’ moods and emotions, generating a more positive experience.
  3. Improved perception of quality: Pleasant scents can make products or services appear more premium and of higher quality.
  4. Customer loyalty: Customers tend to remember and return to places with pleasant aromas, fostering loyalty.
  5. Increased sales: Can stimulate impulse purchases and boost sales by creating an appealing environment.
  6. Brand identity creation: Specific scents can be associated with the brand and reinforce its identity.
  7. Enhanced customer experience: Contributes to creating a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in commercial establishments.
  8. Long-term memory effect: Scents can create lasting memories, strengthening the relationship with the brand.
  9. Versatility: Can be adapted to various types of businesses, from retail stores to hotels and restaurants.
  10. Measurement and analysis: Customer responses can be measured, allowing for strategy adjustments based on the results.

Some of our clients are already scenting their spaces

It’s time to take the plunge, to create your own essence for your brand, to be memorable with all five senses. These are some of the clients who have already trusted in our comprehensive service.

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