Scent Marketing for Hotels

Hotel scents and air fresheners are responsible for providing each hotel with its unique and distinguishable fragrance, creating the ideal environment for guests to relax and fully enjoy their stay. Optimizing the guests’ experience and remaining in their memory is possible thanks to the olfactory sensations present in every room of the hotel.

What does scent marketing bring to hotels?

Scent marketing for hotels creates an ideal atmosphere where guests feel comfortable, calm and exquisitely treated. It adds value to the hotel and enhances its charm in a subtle and elegant way, making guests’ stay an unforgettable experience.

Advantages of an odotype in a hotel

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  • What are the most common scents in hotels?

    Fragrances are part of a good marketing strategy nowadays, as a hotel is not only recognised for its services and facilities, but also for the quality of the experiences that are lived there. In general, the most commonly used fragrances for accommodation are:

    Citrus and fresh scents for holiday accommodation (white tea, oak moss, musk, jasmine, green apple and cedar).
    Warm scents for indoor hotels (orange, mandarin, narcissus, rose, sandalwood, amber, ylang-ylang and patchouli)
    Sophisticated scents for urban hotels (oud, vanilla, cherry, mint, cinnamon, sandalwood and amber).

  • What system should be used to set the ambience of a hotel?

    There are state-of-the-art systems designed to scent the spaces of an accommodation, to create a unique atmosphere that favours the guests' stay in all senses. A good example of this is the air conditioning aromatisation equipment, which allows the aroma of your hotel to be atomised in a discreet but guaranteed way. Another way of creating atmosphere in your accommodation is through direct diffusion equipment with wall lamps. Its aim is none other than to enhance the image of your brand, providing your guests with unique sensory experiences.

  • Why install aroma diffusers for hotels?

    Scent Marketing for hotels helps to build guest loyalty. For this reason, it is important to install scent diffusers in all spaces, in order to improve the customer experience inside the accommodation. Have you ever asked yourself what you want your hotel to smell like? The answer is to choose that scent or scents that represent the strengths of your accommodation. In this way, guests will enjoy their stay more, keeping this experience in their memory for a longer period of time.

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