Professional air fresheners

Los ambientadores para farmacia han sido elaborados teniendo en cuenta las necesidades particulares de estos espacios. Puesto que tienden a relacionarse con enfermedades y patologías, es importante que se respire un aroma fresco y limpio, pero sin que se asocien a los desinfectantes, que podrían crear el efecto contrario.


The importance of olfactory marketing at the professional level

Scent marketing is a must for a point of sale. It goes without saying that if a store leaves consumers with an unpleasant odor, they will not return. On the contrary, if the perfume sensitizes the consumer in a positive way, he/she will tend to stay longer and appreciate the products sold there more.

It is in people’s nature to be sensitive to different odors. That is why brands are increasingly concerned about providing their workplaces and establishments with their own scent, the one that identifies and enhances them.

Olfactory identity is the most direct marketing

Retail spaces have much to gain by creating the right environment to attract potential customers to the products and services they sell. The location, decoration, employee uniforms, lighting, decoration, music, among others, are elements that help reinforce the brand image and sales, but if the smell does not go along with it, none of that will help. Increasingly, scent is combining to create a total brand experience. Most of the most popular brands already contemplate it, but more and more companies and brands are beginning to understand its importance.


A personal fragrance that makes you unique

Our job is to develop a customized product for each business. Professional, industrial air fresheners that help to enhance your brand image by creating a differentiating scent for your business. With a special smell, unique and different from any other establishment.

Through olfactory marketing there is a harmonious fusion of a scent with a brand, whose union will create a scent that is perfectly recognizable for people and that expresses the brand values. Air fresheners have a favorable impact on consumers because they create an emotional bond and memory and influence purchases in a positive way. A suitable air freshener will create a sense of well-being in the consumer and will make them stay longer in our space.

Today, there are quite a few reputable studies on the benefits of sensory scent marketing for businesses, such as increased willingness to buy. Scent has also been shown to persuade customers to linger longer in retail spaces and explore more by enhancing their sense of quality and creating a warm feeling of familiarity. All this ends up producing a greater attraction to the point of sale and an increase in the number of customers who end up activating sales.

«A good smell gives the customer a purchase impulse of about 38%»

Professional air fresheners always at the customer’s service

The smell evokes pleasant memories and reduces stress. Scent can create positive associations with an event or experience.

Smell can create different moods. It can relax hotel guests, improve employee productivity and calm patients.

Our job is to help you find your scent and the fragrance that makes the difference in your business; that customized product, those professional air fresheners that will complete the image of your business.

We create experiences that seduce your customers, giving you the possibility for them to take the perfume home with them, so that more and more the link between the brand and the scent exists.

We are different from the rest. Do you know why?

We manufacture our own equipment for the aromatization of spaces.

We control them remotely and at all times.

We do installations worldwide.


  • ¿Por qué usar ambientadores profesionales en tu negocio?

    It is a mistake to scent your company or business without having studied the characteristics of the chosen fragrance. Corporate fragrances are exclusive and must represent the values of the brand, thus reinforcing its image. For this reason, it is important to use professional air fresheners in your business. Only in this way will you be able to effectively attract your customers with a unique and differentiating scent. Did you know that a good scent is able to increase impulse buying by up to 38%? Once you have chosen the fragrance that best suits your point of sale, you will need a professional air freshener through which you can scent the space without overloading it. Remember that not just any scent will do. Scents are capable of creating different moods. It is not the same to scent, for example, a gymnasium where dynamic aromas are required, as it is to scent a hotel where the aim is to relax the guests.

  • How many types of air fresheners are there?

    Scent Marketing is a strategy that allows us to improve sales through aromas. It has been proven that through smell it is possible to appeal to the emotions of customers, so that our brand or product remains in their memory and is recognised by them. However, for this tool to be effective, professional air fresheners designed for each type of business and space are needed. An air freshener for a small business is not the same as for a large establishment. In this sense, there are several types of air fresheners. Scented candles, Mikado air fresheners, essential oils are perfect to scent small or medium-sized businesses. There are also textile air fresheners for clothes shops, hotels or gyms, for example. However, large areas need air-conditioning scenting systems or direct diffusion scenting equipment.

Some of our clients are already scenting their spaces

It’s time to take the plunge, to create your own essence for your brand, to be memorable with all five senses. These are some of the clients who have already trusted in our comprehensive service.

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