Fragrances for Clinics

Discover with Aromas Fenpal, the power of aromas for clinics, improving your customers’ experience and strengthening your brand identity with our customized fragrances.

Scent marketing for aesthetic clinics

Scent marketing in beauty and hair removal and beauty salons transforms the customer experience. Carefully selected scents create welcoming environments, enhancing the perception and emotional connection with your brand. Discover how our customized scents can enhance your clinic’s identity.

What does scent marketing bring to clinics?

Scent marketing in aesthetic clinics offers a unique sensory experience. Through specific aromas, a relaxing atmosphere is generated. This strengthens the customer’s emotional connection with the center, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. It also helps to create a distinctive and memorable identity.

Advantages of an odotype in a clinic or hospital

An odotype in esthetic centers offers multiple advantages. Defines the identity of the place, generating comforting environments. Improves the perception of freshness, creating a more exclusive experience. In addition, by associating a specific scent with the brand, recognition and emotional connection is strengthened, improving patient loyalty.

Why use scents in your practice?

Using scents in your clinic offers multiple benefits:

  1. Stress reduction: The right scents can calm and reduce customer anxiety.
  2. Improved patient experience: Generate a welcoming environment, improving the perception of waiting time and quality of care.
  3. Identity and differentiation: They help distinguish your clinic, creating a unique and memorable experience for clients.
  4. Fresher and more pleasant air: Neutralize odors, maintaining a cleaner, fresher environment.
  5. Emotional connection: Scent can generate positive emotional connections, improving patient loyalty and satisfaction.

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Some of our clients are already scenting their spaces.

It’s time to take the plunge, to create your own essence for your brand, to be memorable with all five senses. These are some of the clients who have already trusted in our comprehensive service.

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