Aroma diffuser machines

State-of-the-art systems designed to diffuse perfumes by creating a unique, uniform and consistent environment that enhances the customer experience.

Direct diffusion aromatization equipment

Awakening the customer’s senses is one of the fundamental objectives of an establishment when it opens its doors. Stimulate the customer through sight, touch and, of course, smell. That the experience of being in your business, from a store to a hotel room, is complete and endures in the user’s mind.

Through state-of-the-art technology and top quality fragrances we reach your customers to provide them with all the elements that will make their experience in your establishment unique. Unique and different from any other.

Installations of direct diffusion aromatization equipment

Scent marketing will help you discover the benefits that these aromas bring to your business. So you will see how, with your corporate scent, you can provide a warm welcome to the visitor, attract potential consumers to the point of sale, favor sensory experiences, relax minds or seduce. With all this, you will end up boosting your brand image in a way that you had not counted on until now. Olfactory communication is a new channel and a bridge between the company and the business and the consumer.

Direct dissemination with applications

1. Location

We placed one of our equipment in the false ceiling.

2. Installation

We installed the wall light on the wall of the establishment.

3. Customization

We adjust the amount of perfume according to the needs of each space.

State-of-the-art technology in aromatization equipment

Having one of our direct scent diffusion systems developed by our R&D technicians is a simple, easy-to-install solution that fits all budgets. Now it will be very difficult to look for excuses, because there are none.

It is the best solution for spaces that do not have air conditioning. It is an invitation to the consumer to approach the establishment, an elegant way of attracting attention with a subtle and pleasant stimulus. For the implementation of this equipment it is only necessary a light point to connect the equipment, so we are talking about a diffusion of aromas and fragrances very easy to handle and install.

We have state-of-the-art equipment designed by our innovation department for the diffusion of aromas. Equipment that can be installed in a clean, fast and controlled way, in small spaces.

It is a microdiffusion system that transforms the liquid essence into small particles, which allows a fine and long-lasting aromatization. Equipment that provides a balanced and constant diffusion throughout the space, since it reaches all corners with the same intensity and effectiveness.

Direct dissemination with concealed equipment

1. Location

We place the equipment and the perfume tank behind the wall.

2. Instalation

We make a 1 cm hole in the wall and pass the pipe from the tank.

3. Customization

We adjust the amount of perfume according to the needs of each space.

Facilities and equipment


Dimensions: 27 x 36 x 16cm

Weight: 6Kg

Coverage: 250m2


Dimensions: 26 x 28 x 11cm

Weight: 4,5Kg

Coverage: 120m2

We are different from the rest. Do you know why?

We manufacture our own equipment for the aromatization of spaces.

We control them remotely and at all times.

We do installations worldwide.

Some of our clients are already scenting their spaces

It’s time to take the plunge, to create your own essence for your brand, to be memorable with all five senses. These are some of the clients who have already trusted in our comprehensive service.

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