Lavender and Orange Blossom Scented Candle


Do you want to add a touch of well-being and warmth to your environment? Our Lavender and Orange Blossom scented candle is now available. A perfect combination of light, color and aroma that will flood any corner with good feelings. Tuscan Lavender is a scent that hides multiple healing properties. Use it to combat insomnia, reduce stress and promote positivity.


Our Lavender and Orange Blossom scented candle is full of rich nuances. Its aroma takes us to fields full of wild flowers, to the Mediterranean coast, as well as to walks in contact with nature. In Aromatherapy, Tuscan Lavender is used to treat states of anxiety and nervousness, to reduce headaches, as well as to improve sleep conditions. Its aroma is subtle, floral, clean and very persistent.


Our Lavender and Orange Blossom scented candle adds a decorative touch to any room. In addition, its aromatic properties make it the ideal product for scenting yoga and meditation centers, clinics, clothing stores, hotels, offices and waiting rooms. At home, Tuscan Lavender can become your best ally, if you use it in the laundry room, bedrooms and living room.


At Fenpal we have designed our scented candles so that their fragrance does not wear out over time. It is a handmade product made with 100% natural vegetable beeswax. The Lavender and Orange Blossom scented candle is perfect to create warm atmospheres full of personality.



Aromas are not only pleasing to the sense of smell, but are also capable of evoking memories, arousing feelings and balancing emotions. This is one of the reasons why at Fenpal we work with different scents, in order to create the one you like the most:

  • Orange and Cinnamon Candle

    Our cinnamon and orange blossom scented candle gives off an intimate and very sensual aroma. Cinnamon is noted for its ability to stimulate the mind and improve mood.

  • Wood scented candle

    Let yourself fall in love with our wood scented candle and discover, thanks to Oriental Amber, a universe of sensations that will surprise you.

  • Jasmine Scented Candle

    Are you looking to scent the environment while creating a warm, friendly and intimate atmosphere? Introducing our jasmine scented candle.


  • Lavender and Orange Blossom Room Spray

    Let yourself fall in love with our Lavender and Orange Blossom home fragrance. An aroma with persistent and very fresh floral notes.

  • Vanilla Diffuser

    If you are looking for a sweet and long-lasting mikado, presented in an elegant format, in Aromas Fenpal we present you our Vanilla Mikado Air Freshener.

  • Wood essential oil

    Wood essential oil has a warm, earthy aroma, as it comes from the fossilization of very old tree resins.

  • Red Berries Stick Diffuser

    Discover our red fruits Mikado air freshener and start enjoying all its olfactory properties.

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